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PureStrike 5 Simple Keys® DVDsHave you seen the PureStrike 5 Simple Keys® DVDs being advertised on Golf Channel? That’s us!

Dave Wedzik, owner of Golf Evolution, is the Worldwide Director of Instruction for Medicus and co-creator of the PureStrike 5 Simple Keys® learning and teaching system. Golf Evolution instructor Erik J. Barzeski is Director of Instructor Development for 5SK.


5SKAre you looking for IMMEDIATE improvement? Is the game being made too difficult? Would you like it to go back to being SIMPLE? Do you want your instructor to train you with PROVEN information? Do you want RESULTS instead of promises? Golf Evolution has the answers you are looking for. We offer Lessons, Clinics, and Golf Schools (in Erie, PA as well as traveling throughout the U.S.) that are designed around the PureStrike, 5 Simple Keys Learning System. Through a defined set of measurements and laws that govern how the game is played we will show you how to improve… quickly… guaranteed! Email us: or call us today at 814-464-3446 for information on how to understand and take CONTROL of your game.

If your golf instructor can’t answer these nine questions properly, they’re not doing everything they can to help you improve. We can answer the questions, and we’d be happy to tell you how and why.

Want proof? Don’t miss our Snapshots page – illustrating the improvement of many of the students who have learned at our Academy!

Top 50 InstructorDavid Wedzik Named Richie3Jack Top 50 Instructor
Dave is proud to announce that he was named a Top 50 Instructor by Rich Hunt of the Richie3Jack website. Dave is both flattered and humbled by this honor. Thanks Rich!