Golf Evolution

About Golf Evolution

The game of golf has, for a long time, lacked a set of measurements to base its instruction upon. Through studying and classifying the swings of great, average, AND below average players we have established such a set of measurements or definitions that govern our instruction. It is important to note that our instruction is based upon these metrics and we DO NOT make determinations or teach our students based on what the best players in the world do or say they do. We, do however, find many instances where we can use those players as examples of what we conclude to be true and reliable.

At the core of our teaching philosophy is the FACT that the golf swing is executed on an ARC… on an inclined plane. This, in itself, establishes an inward hand path on the backstroke and the need for a centered shoulder turn. The term ARC is very descriptive in this case in that, to us, it also stand for Aligned Radial Compression. These words help to form the basis for the foundation of what we believe in, and teach, at Golf Evolution.

StudioFollowing extensive research and hundreds of lessons it is our belief that the biggest problem holding back golfers today is that their weight is too far “back” or even moving backward throughout the swing. This causes golfers to bottom the club out behind the ball (sometimes to an extreme) and too swing severely OUT to IN. It is this OUT to IN swing path that has created generations of slicers. You’ll learn the importance of having the golfer’s weight forward (and moving the center of gravity continuously forward). This is one facet of allowing the club to strike the ground in the proper place and, purely because of the geometry involved, to approach the ball from the inside. If golf instruction had focused on these procedures for the past 100 years we would likely have a society of golfers who push and draw the ball…rather than pull and slice it.