Golf Evolution

AimPoint Green Reading Instruction

Zero LineAimPoint ( is a revolutionary, physics-based method for reading greens. Students who undergo AimPoint training get more accurate reads more quickly than golfers who don’t have a system in place.Good players always know exactly how many yards they have to the hole, yet when they get to the green, where accuracy is at a premium, they revert to saying “It’s about a foot or two to the left.”

AimPoint technology powers “that green line” you see on TV coverage, and you know how accurate that is. We can train you – in only a few short hours – to apply the same physics based principles in a simple, easy-to-understand method that will make you deadly accurate on the greens.

Dave Wedzik and Erik J. Barzeski are both AimPoint Certified Instructors and are available for one-on-one and group/school AimPoint clinics. Stop green guessing and starting making everythingcontact us about attending an AimPoint clinic in Erie, PA or hosting one at your home course!

Edel Putter Fitting

Edel FittingDid you know that 80% of golfers can’t aim their putter face inside of the hole from only six feet away! Did you know that, odds are, your putter is not weighted properly, and it’s hampering your ability to deliver the ball to the hole with the proper speed?

It turns out that the shape – the loft, lie, markings, head shape, offset, hosel type, length, and other variables – can greatly affect the way each individual aims a putter. And weight – both in the head and in the shaft or beneath the grip – can greatly impact the ability to deliver the ball with good speed.

Golf Evolution is pleased to announce that, after extensive research, we’ve found the ultimate fitting solution for putter fitting. Edel Golf ( make finely crafted, milled, customized, personalized putters. With a fitting cart capable of over 300 million combinations of loft, hosel shape, offset, hosel type, lie angle, length, head shape, line/dot combinations, shaft flex, head-, mid-shaft, and counter-weight, and more, we can fit every person with an Edel putter that is 100% customized to them and which they can both aim accurately and which will greatly improve their delivery speed.

Contact us about setting up an Edel putter fitting today!