Stack and Tilt

Last 2010 Golf Evolution Stack and Tilt School

Our last Erie school of the year will be October 23rd. Time is from 9 AM – 5 PM and the school is limited to ONLY 4 STUDENTS. Great setting to learn in a small group! Cost of the school is $450 (we accept Visa, MC and Amex for your convenience) and includes lunch and all documentation of everything we practiced all day. Look forward to seeing you in Erie!

To sign up PM through forums, email to dave at or call 814-464-3446.

2 Responses to “Last 2010 Golf Evolution Stack and Tilt School”

  1. wanted to know if there were openings left for 23 Oct

  2. Erik J. Barzeski says:

    Yes, Mike, there are. We can give you a call or email you to confirm things or answer any questions you might have.