Golf Evolution

Full-Swing Instruction

How many times have you heard that the fundamentals of golf are grip, alignment, posture, and stance?

While we don’t underestimate the importance of those pieces, we believe that the five commonalities among the game’s best players are:

We call these commonalities the 5 Simple Keys® and they are part of the PureStrike 5 Simple Keys® learning system, and the topic of the best-selling golf DVDs on the market for 2012 and 2013. You can read more about 5 Simple Keys® at

At Golf Evolution you will learn how to swing a golf club in a simple, efficient manner customized to you that makes playing golf the easiest by achieving each of those commonalities.

Golf Evolution makes use of the latest technology and customizes each lesson to your unique capabilities, sensations, and feelings. You’ll leave each lesson with printed photos showing what you’ve worked on (and will want to continue to work on!) and the improvements that are possible.

Check out our snapshots or our YouTube videos for examples of real golfers making real improvements!