Golf Evolution

Golf Evolution Instruction

When we look at golf instruction, two statistics really stand out to us. The first is that only 15% of golfers take lessons. Why? The second statistic might be one of the reasons: Of golfers that take lessons, 95% are playing to the same handicap (or worse) three months later.

At Golf Evolution, we hope to turn those statistics on their heads. With comprehensive, cutting-edge instruction that is focused on golf’s true fundamentals – hitting the ball solidly, hitting the ball far, and controlling the curve of the golf ball in the air – and short-game instruction (including AimPoint and Edel putter fitting), we’re committed to making students improve.

When you play better golf, your life is better.

100% of our students are given the tools to improve. We guarantee that after any lesson, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to continue to improve. Your golf game doesn’t need to be stagnant – we’ll work with you to evolve your skills and understanding, regardless of your current skill level.

New in 2011! Ask us about our supervised practice.