Golf Evolution

Short Game Instruction

With roughly 50% of every golfer’s shots coming from within 50 yards of the green, a great short game is essential to scoring well and enjoying your time on the golf course.

Golf Evolution instructors teach a simple, easy-to-learn short game method. Our chipping method allows for simple chips around the greens, and our pitching method is based on using the bounce provided on modern clubs. The simple technique can be varied to play tons of different shots, and works from virtually anywhere. Let us show you the basics and get you chipping and pitching the ball closer to (or in!) the hole in minutes!

We also excel at putting instruction, which make up the bulk of those 50-yards-and-closer shots. Combined with AimPoint instruction for green reading and our custom putter fitting so that you can be confident in your aim and delivery speed, we’ll help you to build a consistent putting stroke customized to your stature, preference, and build that will get you rolling the ball like a pro!